Crazy Vegas Casino Offering Players “On-The-Go” Great New Mobile Games this Month

Crazy Vegas Casino has several new mobile games to offers players “on the go” this month titled Bridesmaids, Sterling Silver, American Roulette and Asian Beauty. In the Bridesmaids mobile slot game players will find all the main characters that appeared in the Bridesmaids movie that was one of the most successful comedy films of all time. The game shows original Screenshots and Sounds Clips throughout the entire game. Sterling Silver mobile slot game boasts a Free Spin Bonus round as well … [Read more...]

American Roulette

It is a pompously fact for Roulette that no other casino game has ever been so popular and globally recognized as Roulette has been. Perhaps, every casino scene in a movie is incomplete without a glimpse of Roulette’s spinning wheel. Playtech has many variants for this popular game and American Roulette is one of them with classified features of it. Being based on American roulette format, there is an additional ‘00’ which increases house advantage, still this game is widely played in US … [Read more...]