Legal Sports Betting Could Go to Maryland Referendum

If the US Supreme Court votes in favor of removing an almost nation-wide restriction on sports betting, Maryland residents will be able to vote in a November ballot whether to allow professional and amateur sports betting in their state. On Thursday, the Maryland House of Delegates approved a bill 124-14 that would place the referendum on the ballot in November. Residents of the state will be asked if they approve or reject a plan to allow casinos and racetracks to allow sports wagering.

In the meantime, a committee in the Maryland Senate is mulling a bill that is similar to the one recently voted on in the House, but with a slight difference. The Senate proposal does not necessarily mention (nor does it reject) racetracks as suitable venues for sports wagering to take place.

The state is hoping that some of the money that is generated by legal sports betting will find itself back into state coffers.

The sponsor of the House bill, Del. Frank Turner said: “We specifically want any money from sports betting to go to the Education Trust Fund. This is the same fund that is boosted by money that originates from Maryland brick and mortar casinos.