Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail Officially Live at Jackpot City Casino

Microgaming, the world’s largest provider of online gaming software and award winning Technology Company announced last month that it was planning to launch the long awaited “Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail” online slot game at multiple Microgaming affiliated online casinos and that some online casinos would debut the game before others.

The software provider has now revealed that “Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail” online slot, which is a sequel to the original game, is now officially live at Jackpot City Casino, one of the most well regarded online casinos within Microgaming’s network.

According to Tim Crump, an editor whose network promotes the Avalon gaming series, it did not come as any surprise that Jackpot City Casino would be one of the first places to debut “Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail”.

“Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail” commences with an introductory movie recapping the story of the first game and thereafter picks up where the first game left off in terms of characters and story. The introductory movie also showcases some of the new features that have been developed by Microgaming which includes the new ways for players to obtain wild symbols and bonuses.

Players of the “Avalon 2 – The Quest for the Grail” slot game are taken to the ancient kingdom of King Arthur and his band of knights and assist him in their search for the stolen Holy Grail.

This new slot game is bound to appeal to all players who enjoyed playing the original game in the Avalon series and the fact that “Avalon 2 – The quest for the Grail” boasts a very high payout percentage makes this slot a “must play game”.

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