Internet Gambling for New Jersey Racetracks Passes in State Assembly

On Thursday the state Assembly passed a bill authorizing tracks to offer internet gambling on their premises if they reach a partnership agreement with an Atlantic City casino or an online affiliate of a casino.

According to Ralph Caputo, a Democratic Assemblyman, it is a way to help the struggling racing industry with new revenue.

Caputo, a former casino executive, also commented that it would bring more traffic into the racetracks, which they need desperately.

Gamblers who have internet betting accounts are already able to place bets from anywhere within New Jersey’s borders without the necessity of going to a track in order to do so.

Dennis Drazin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Monmouth Park racetrack in Oceanport, commented that the casinos should realize that absolutely nothing will happen unless they agree to allow it through an agreement with a track.

Drazin went on to say that nobody is forcing anything on them and this is really a win-win for the racing industry as well as the casino industry.

Supporters foresee track patrons placing online casino bets between races and the track would be reimbursed by the casino for drumming up new online business; The casino would be required to negotiate the exact amount that each track would receive individually.

Drazin went on to say that tracks would set aside an area for customers to place casino bets over the internet. He also said that tracks would be specifically exempted from state law banning so-called “internet cafes” that offer real money gambling.

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